Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From My DVD Shelf: Best Worst Movie

I re-watched Best Worst Movie over the weekend, and just had to share my joy. Best Worst Movie is one of my favorite docs. It’s all about the cult that has grown around the legendarily terrible Troll 2.

Troll 2 is bad. Epically bad. Unbelievable, fantastically terrible. It’s awesome.

If you haven’t yet seen Troll 2. Go check it out. I’ll even make it easy. Here’s the link to its Amazon page. Go to it, click a couple of buttons, overnight that bastard (trust me - it’s worth it) and put it into your DVD player immediately. I’ll wait.


All good?


So now that we’re on the same page, let’s talk Best Worst Movie. This is a documentary put together by Michael Stephenson, the dude who is the grown-up version of the kid who starred in Troll 2 way back in 1990. In this doc, Stephenson examines the underground phenomenon that grown out of people’s unfathomable love of watching this horrible horrible film. It’s a cult. Scratch that - it goes beyond cult. This is a party. A family. The greatest joy a Troll 2 fan can experience is sharing the joy and pain of Troll 2 with the uninitiated. Spreading the message.

Now that you’ve watched Troll 2, you know the experience. You know the joy. You may even have shared it with one or two other people. Best Worst Movie offers the opportunity to geek out about this horrid piece of shit that you will GLADLY devote 90 minutes of your life to again and again and again, and to do so with other similar-minded fans. And to see how that love has affected the people who made this steaming pile back in the day. What started as an experience they wished they could forget and a shameful bullet point on their resumes has turned to a level of super-stardom they never imagined. In the regular world, they are sometimes- and former-actors who made a crap movie once upon a time. In a room full of Troll 2 fans, they are gods. They have provided hours of entertainment, and they are thanked, not ridiculed, for the work that they put in and for the joy they have brought to others.

Best Worst Movie celebrates the lightning in the bottle that resulted from a few weeks of film making in Utah in 1990.  It’s funny, it’s charming, it’s heart-warming, and it’s geeky as all hell. You want to check this one out. If you’ve already seen it, check it out again. And if you have made it through this entire article still not having seen Troll 2, you will want to get on that one as quickly as humanly possible. Grab a beer, grab a friend, and prepare to be amazed, appalled, and to fall in love, all at the same time.

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